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Return Policy & Warranty Information on our Samovars

  • What is your return policy on your Electric Samovars?

Only brand new samovars, unused, in original condition and original packaging are eligible for a return or exchange, within 15 days of delivery to the recipient. Within those 15 days of receiving the samovar, you must notify Marigold Houseware for a return authorization (click here to email us for a return authorization). If we are notified after this deadline, no return can be processed. Once a samovar has been used, it cannot be returned for a refund or an exchange. 

If you use your samovar and you believe it is malfunctionining, you can contact us to see if it falls under a warranty issue and wether it can be repaired by us. Mulex Germany samovars have a 6 months warranty. All other samovars do not have a warranty and are sold as is.

All samovars, once used, cannot be returned for a refund or exchange.

  • What if I receive my Electric Samovar damaged?

If your electric samovar arrives with a damage, dent or a broken piece, you are required to contact Marigold Houseware immediately to report the issue. We will require photos of the damage and the shipping material to be sent to us. We will then investigate the issue with UPS.This process may take up to 10 business days. 

  • Do your Electric Samovars have a warranty?

Only the Mulex Germany samovars have a limited, 6 month warranty. Issues not arrising from misuse can fall under the warranty.  Since we have been working with Mulex Germany for several years now, misuse is easily detectable and we are familiar with some wear and tear issues that can arrise over time.
With the exception of the Mulex samovars, none of our electric Samovars have a warranty. In other words. all electric samovars are sold as is. We strive to provide you with the best quality items and with proper use, they will provide you with good use for a long time. As with most electrical items, sometimes the length of use is unredictable. Please note that we are NOT the manufacturers of the electric samovars and cannot provide any warranty or guarantee for their use.
The traditional designed, stainless steel samovars (not Mulex Germany) have had mixed reviews. Very popular for their beautiful, traditional design, these samovars have become a best seller really fast. For some customers, these samovars have lasted for many years, and for others they  have lasted up to a year only. We do not assume any responsibility for the length of lifespan and sell them as is. 
We do our best to give you the best cusomer service possible, and will try to assist you with any of your samovar inquiries. Feel free to call us at (864) 729-2466 with any questions, and will call you back as soon as possible. Emails are answered faster, send us an email by clicking here "Contact Us"
  • How does the warranty for Mulex samovars work?

If you experience an issue with your Mulex samovar, within 6 months of purchase (warranty starts on the date of delivery confirmation), you can notify us via email. One of our friendly representatives will ask you a few questions to get a better understanding of the problem and see if it falls under a warranty issue. If it does you will receive an authorization to mail the electric samovar to us  (address info will be provided) and we will have the Mulex team review and repair it. 
The 6 month limited electrical warranty for Mulex samovars, comes with each purchase. The warranty covers the appliacne to be free from defects and material issues, under normal residential use. The warranty does not cover normal wear of parts or damage resulting from negligent use or misuese of the samovar, contrary to the operating insturctions (see manual). If the Mulex samovars are used, we cannot take them back but will be able to assess the issue and repair it under warranty accepted claims. Customer is responsible for shipping costs to and from Marigold Houseware. If the damage falls under warranty, we will fix it and mail it back to you. 
Shipping costs for repairs
Please note, that for all warranty issues, the samovar owner is responsible for shipping costs (that includes shipping the item to us, and to have it shipped back to the owner). The cost of shipping can range anywhere from $20-$30. If you wish for us to send you a shipping label, we will charge you a flat $25 for shipping (both ways). 
Repair time
Repair time is completley up to the Mulex team, can range from 1-4 weeks. If all the necessary parts are available in house, often the machine can be fixed within 5 business days. Sometimes, the team has to wait for spare parts to be sent from Germany, which can delay the repair time. Since our Mulex Germany samovars come from Germany, the team is dependent on the overseas team to receive their items and that can take time.
  • How do I keep my Samovar in optimum shape and improve it's lifespan?

1. Only fill your samovar with filtered water
2. Fill water only to the marked area inside of your samovar. Do not overfill your samovar (this can lead to burning the heating element of the samovar, and other damages)
3, Never leave the samovar turned on, and without water
4. Every 3 months, clearn the interior of your samovar with a mixture of one cup distilled vinegar, and 2 cups water. Let this mixture come to a boil, then remove it and and allow 3 cups of regular water come to a boil, and remove. This should remove any built up or residue from the interior of samovar to be removed
Got more tips to keep your samovar in good condition? Share it with us on our blog post "How To Keep your Samovar Clean and in Good Shape"
Please understand, that the electric samovars are manufactured by other companies and we are not responsible for their use. We waive all responsibility for length of use, quality and reliability of these items. If you have a specific complaint, please contact the manufacturer directly.
We, at Marigold Houseware do our best to assist you to have the best experience withyour electric samovar. It is a courtesy that we provide to our customers, and not mandatory. We reserve the right to refuse service at any time.

 Have questions about your electric samovar? Email us. Our team is happy to assist you in any way we can.


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